Bioplastic Bags and Liners (Sample Pack)

Our sustainable bags and liners sample packs are a great way to try Trellis Earth’s bags before making a commitment to a larger purchase. Each sample pack contains product information and the following bags:

  • WFB-01: Small Trellis Bag
  • WFB-04: Standard T-Shirt Bag
  • WFB-05: Small Trellis T-Shirt Bag
  • WFB-06: 8 Gallon Trash Liner
  • WFB-07: 13 Gallon Trash Liner
  • WFB-09: 33 Gallon Trash Liner
  • WFB-10: 55 Gallon Trash Liner
  • WFB-11: 39 Gallon Trash Liner
  • WFB-13: Produce Bag on a Roll
  • WFB-G42: Doggie Pick-up Bags (1 roll)

That’s 10 different bags for only $4.50!

Available in lower 48 states only.

Trellis Bioplastic

Price: $4.50